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Welcome To My Homepage!

Being a private homepage, this site boasts with astonishing absence of contents, due to the author's mandatory lack of time. As you can see, I did my homework and can guarantee you a pleasant visit at my site by adopting established web publishing standards. Of course, lots of additional content will be added really soon now! (TM) ;)

(Reminder to the author: Add the animated "under construction" GIF here.)

(The page is misdisplayed? You need a current, more or less standards-compliant web browser to view this page. It should be usable with virtually any browser, however, though it may not entirely look as intended.)


And always remember - irony most of the time has nothing to do with metallurgy. ;)

Normally, you should see a collage of my favourite music albums' cover art. Unfortunately, your browser is not able to display this collage. :-(

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